Finally checking in

Been on the road for work lately, so haven’t had much of a chance to check in. I’m still going strong on the weight loss tip, and have lost 9 lbs in 12 days. I’m consuming about 1800 calories a day, and eating a ton of good fats, fresh veggies and protein. As long as I don’t go longer than about 6 hours without eating, I don’t get overly hungry, and I love my newly increased energy level. I’m still on phase 1 of Atkins, and plan to stay there for quite a while. So far, it hasn’t been difficult, and the benefits greatly outweigh any challenges I find myself facing.

Tribute to My Dad

I originally wrote this in honor of my dad, back in 2008. Today, I’m reposting. Enjoy!

It’s Father’s Day, so of course I have to talk about my daddy.

How the heck can I describe him and where in the world should I start?

My father is one of my only true heroes. He is amazing, and I’m not just saying that cuz he’s my dad.

He’s a great man for putting up with all my crap over the years… and he’s a great man for never giving up on me, for always believing in my greatness- even when that was the last thing I could see in myself.

My dad is the guy when I’m at my worst, suffering the consequences of all the riduculous decisions I’ve made, who can still look me in the eye and tell me he’s proud of me.

He means it too.

Growing up, my father pushed me to excel no matter what… he was tough. If I got a B on a test in school, a typical reaction from him would be, “That’s not bad… but why wasn’t it an A?” He taught me that regardless of the situation, no matter the circumstances, if I did not give it my all, it simply wasn’t good enough.

If I wanted to watch TV, it was my father that would restrict various shows, saying, “There is no socially redeeming value in that…”

I would get so mad… but it’s a phrase I use to this day, when restricting my own kids’ access to the television.

He led by example, and I watched my father work hard at everything he’s ever done- be it as the VP of Finance for a healthcare company, or as a student in Seminary, or as the passionate leader of a congregation of hundreds, and most importantly, as my father.

He’s the one who took me horseback riding every Saturday morning growing up. He’s the one, when I was terrified to try my first jump on that stupid horse Rascal, who hopped on an even crazier horse, and took an even bigger jump- just to show me it was ok.

My father is the one who taught me to love thunderstorms… when a big one would come at night, he’d open the blinds in my room, and say, “Look! It’s a light-light-light show!”… another trick I have used with my own daughters.

He’s the one who read me bedtime stories every night, and still to this day buys me a book every year for Christmas. He taught me to love reading and learning, and all these years later, I still do.

When I couldn’t sleep at night, my dad was the one who would come in my room and make up silly songs to sing to me. I had a stuffed pink poodle that when wound up would play Brahms Lullabye… I think I was almost 20 years old before I realized that the lyrics to that song are NOT, “Lullabye, eat a pie, so your dreams will come true…”

When I was in piano competitions, and the judges would say something to the effect of, “What a beautiful job she did playing that Mozart… but her left pinky looked a little weak”, my dad was the one who nearly strangled them for saying such a thing about his baby girl.

When I got older, and it was time to start looking at colleges, my dad was the one who went through the entire process with me. He spent countless weekends on the road with me, visiting schools all over the place, taking tours of campuses both large and small, pouring over countless pamphlets and welcome packets.

When I had narrowed down the list, and decided which music schools I was going to audition for admittance to, he was the one who went with me. He was the one who- often literally- wiped the sweat from my brow when it was time to face the music board at Oberlin, and Heidelberg… he was the one who celebrated with me when I was accepted at various schools… and he was the one who wanted to have the entire music departments fired at the ones I didn’t get into.

He was the one holding my hand when the verdict- “guilty”- came in during my rape trial.

He took me to see “Hello Dolly” with the original Carol Channing as Dolly… and he took me to see “Phantom of the Opera”… I am, to this day, a musical nut.

I inherited my love of steak from my dad… and I inherited my strong sense of justice, and fighting for those less fortunate from him. My dad is the strongest man I know, but he is a man of quiet strength. He gets his points across lovingly and compassionately… often with a touch of humor, but I have never known him to strongarm or bully a single human being.

My Dad has the voice of God… a deep, booming voice… he commands attention, and makes people want to hear what he has to say.

To me, Daddy, you are the greatest and I love you dearly.


Official weigh-in results for the week…

Today’s the “official” weigh-in day, capping off my first week in phase 1, induction. Nevermind that I cheated and literally weighed myself every single day. Doesn’t matter.

I am down 5.5 lbs for the week, finally convincing me that I’m doing it “right”.

Save for the occasional mild headache, I feel great. I think the headaches come from not drinking enough water- I really struggle to get those 8 full glasses in each day, let alone the 100 oz recommended by Atkins.

Energy level is higher than it was prior to starting Atkins, and the foggy flu-like symptoms are well behind me.

The biggest success of the week came yesterday. We went to a friend’s fish fry- they were deep frying catfish, tilapia, blue gill, french fries and made-from-scratch hushpuppies. On the side were onions, homemade spicy pickles, and cole slaw. To drink? Vodka of every fabulous flavor, beer and soda.

Basically, not a damn Atkins-friendly thing in the house.

I had a snack before I left my home to attend the party. I brought my own fish (flounder), batted my eyes at the host, and begged him to put some seasoning on it, and bake it in the oven for me. As my “side” dish, I brought an Atkins bar (2 net carbs). I stuck with water for the night.

It was really hard to turn down all those goodies, but I felt much better after eating my (healthy) food, since I was no longer hungry. I just felt like it wasn’t worth it, because of all the guilt I knew I’d have later. I didn’t want to un-do a solid week’s worth of effort for a few minutes of pleasure.

I’m glad I didn’t partake, and I feel like I’ve ended the week solidly.

Is it really time for a do over? #iraq #mccain


Allegedly… #stressrelief


Induction, day 6…

Stepped on the scale this morning, and have somehow gained almost 3 pounds since yesterday. Not quite sure how I managed to do that. Still, we’re at a net loss for the week, so that’s pretty good. Next week I’ll try to stay off the scale except for my weigh-in day, which is Sunday. Whatever I weigh tomorrow morning, is going to be what goes in the weight chart for the week. Not going to get discouraged, still seeing results, feel great, and at this point plan to stay on phase 2 longer than 2 weeks. Stay tuned.

“The Greatest gift is not being afraid to question” -RIP Ruby Dee


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